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Haut parleur Bluetooth sans fil portable avec volume élevé et bonne qualité sonore pour l’extérieur

2500, USB, 4000, 2, 10m-20m, no, 3D Surround Sound Mode, Live Sound Mode, Extra Bass Mode, Transparency Mode, Standard Mode, Speakers, Home, Plastic, Metal, Metal, Metal, HORN, Other, 5.0, 25-49 W, PASSIVE, 2-4 Ohm, Apple Music, No, 50W, No, No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Plastic, Radio, mp3, Yes, No, NONE, Yes, Full-Range, 1, AC, Battery, USB, 45W, 2 (2.0), Phone Function, Play Video, Wireless subfoofer, Wireless rear speakers, Yes, AUX, USB, bluetooth, Audio Line, Portable, Plastic, MouZYuan, Mainland China, CE, High volume and good sound quality speaker, Wireless Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, Bass
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